Leadership Uvalde

What is the Leadership Program?

Leadership Uvalde is a year-long program conducted by the Uvalde Area Chamber of Commerce and co-coordinated by the Uvalde Ambassadors.

(The Uvalde Ambassadors are the former graduates of the Leadership Uvalde Program.)

The Leadership Uvalde program creates in its class participants a comprehensive and objective awareness of the facets of our community by receiving education on the qualities that make our invaluable trade region unique. The program fosters a more thorough understanding and commitment to our Uvalde area, develops leaders to meet the demands of the future, and ensures that they are capable of promoting local commitment and dedication to the economic growth and prosperity of our city, county, and region.


The program was originally founded in 1992 and lasted until 1999. During that time it had more than 100 graduates, many of which still reside in Uvalde and are now prominent and influential leaders in the business community.


In 2015 the program was relaunched and has had more than 30 individuals participate to date. 


Many of the opportunities available to this group are exclusive to the Leadership Uvalde program and not open to the general public. This provides the participants with many unique, rare and interesting experiences of behind-the-scenes and in-action workings of our local entities and businesses, giving them a personal connection and understanding of our community characteristics.

What are the application criteria?
  • Must be an employee (or owner) of an active Chamber Member Business.

  • Must reside in Uvalde county.

  • Exhibit interest in community affairs and have a desire to strengthen leadership skills.

Program acceptance:

  • ONE (1) Individual Chamber Member applicant can be accepted to the program per year.

  • ONE (1) employee per Chamber Member Business can be accepted to the program per year.

What is the program schedule?


Due by December 1st

Wednesday, December 4th

Wednesday, December 4th


Due by Orientation Day

Wednesday, January 15th

Friday, February 7th*

Wednesday, March 4th

Wednesday, April 1st 

Wednesday, May 6th

Wednesday, June 3rd

Wednesday, July 1st

Wednesday, August 5th

Wednesday, September 2nd

Saturday, September 5th

Saturday, October 3rd,

Wednesday, October 7th

Wednesday, November 4th

Friday, November 6th

Wednesday, December 2nd


Friday, February 5th, 2021



- Completed Class of 2020 Application Due

- Candidate Interview

- Candidate Notification of Acceptance

- Payment of $200 Tuition Fee

- Orientation Day

- Induction Ceremony at the 100th Annual Banquet

- March Education Day: History


- May Education DayGovernment

- June Education Day: Tourism

- July Education Day: Agriculture

- August Education DaySmall Business

- September Education Day: Large Business

- Labor Day Parade

- Corks and Kegs Queso Fest

- October Education Day: Education

- November Education Day: Healthcare

- 39th Annual Hunters Roundup

- Class of 2021 Interviews

- Graduation Ceremony at the 101st Annual Banquet

* Date TBD or Subject to Change
What is the commitment
required for graduation?
  • Attend Orientation Day

  • Attend 7 of the 8 Education Days

    • Held the first Wednesday of the Month, March - November, from 7:30am - 5:00pm.

  • Attend 1 of each:

    • City Council Meeting​

    • County Commissioners Meeting

    • School Board Meeting

  • Attend 5 Chamber Ribbon Cuttings​

  • Be a Chamber Volunteer at:

    • Cactus Jack PBR Rodeo​

    • Corks and Kegs Queso Fest

    • Labor Day Parade

    • Hunters Roundup

  • Perform Class of 2021 Interviews